Sharing the Dementia Lab story with other researchers and designers is what we do.

At the core of the Dementia Lab Conference is the belief in the importance of sharing our experiences and supporting designers in creating new methods and disseminating these results and experiences. To see more interviews with 2017 attendees discussing the importance of designing for people with dementia as well as the challenges you face when designing for people with dementia, please visit the Dementia Lab Conference YouTube playlist. 


2019 Dementia Lab Conference: Making Design Work
21 & 21 October, Eindhoven, NL
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Conference proceedings are available from Springer.
Dementia Lab 2019. Making Design Work: Engaging with Dementia in Context

Demo booklet avilalable for download here.


2018 Dementia Lab Conference: Experience, Participation and Design
30 & 31 August, Newcastle, UK
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Download the 2018 Dementia Lab Event: stories from design and research publication:
link to proceedings.


2017 Dementia Lab Conference: Stories from Design and Research
6 & 7 September, Dortmund, Germany
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Download the 2017 Dementia Lab Event: stories from design and research publication:
Publication in English 


2016 Dementia Lab Conference: The Role of Design
14 & 15 September, Essen, Germany
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Download the 2016 Dementia Lab Event: the Role of Design publication:
Publication in English 
Publication with Introductions in German

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