This year's event will be hosted by the University of Technology Eindhoven

The Dementia Lab 2019 will be hosted at the University of Technology Eindhoven campus in the Luna building. The Luna building is within an easy walking distance from the Eindhoven central station and bus hub in 10 minutes. The TU/e is renovating its campus and is bringing the faculties together on what is called the “Groene Loper", a green park. 

The Luna building is located at the Lampendriessen 31, 5612 AH Eindhoven. The Luna building hosts many student associations for sports and cultural activities and apartments for students. It offers a wide range of facilities with a supermarket (Spar Luna) and a community cafe that serves drinks and food.
You can navigate towards the venue by typing in the address (Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven) or by following this link:

Travelling to Eindhoven

To support your travels to Eindhoven the Wikitravel page ( offers a detailed explanation on how to get here by car, plane or train, including some advice on things to visit and do while being in the city.


Please be reminded that the Dementia Lab takes place during the Dutch Design Week, this is the biggest design event of the year in the Netherlands and attracts thousands of visitors to the city, so please book your place to stay as soon as possible to avoid high prices!

In this overview you will find a diverse range of options, always cross-check your option with a general booking website like to get the best deals.

The student hotel Eindhoven
This hotel is closest to the venue, next to the station, has very good rooms and is moderately priced. Prices will go up towards the event. 

Blue collar hotel
The blue collar hotel is located right in the center of the Dutch Design Week, in an old Philips factory, if you want to maximize your design experience. Prices will go up towards the event.

ParkPlaza hotel
This hotel is located towards the city centre, near the area that has nice restaurants and café’s. Location is really good, and in 10-15 min you are at the venue. (

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven
This hotel is slightly high-end but definitely worth your stay! This hotel is located in between the city-centre and the Strijp area were all the Dutch Design Week activities are hosted in the Philips light tower. Good service, good rooms, a little bit pricy. (

Two other more standard hotel options are the Holiday Inn (close to the venue) and the Pullman hotel (City Centre).

Budget recommendations 
Two budget options that provide Hostel style bunk beds are:

The AirBnB service is widely used in the Eindhoven. Please cross-check with google.maps if the main venue is reachable by public transport from your location.

Nearby cities 
If you didn’t book a room yet close to the event dates, or the prices in the city are too high for your budget, you can always book a room in a nearby city. The Dutch train network operates like metro line, with a train every 10/15 minutes.

Close by cities that you can look for, that are under 20 minutes by train from Eindhoven are Tilburg, Den Bosch and Weert. With the first two offering plenty of evening things to do and Weert being a bit more quiet. The venue is located on the University campus that is only a 10 minute walk to the Eindhoven city center train station.

Good luck with making your travel arrangements!


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